For 20 years, Sonicmed has focused on ultrasonic surgical equipment with the aim to provide customers with world-class equipment and service and has been awarded with several innovations for its technology. Sonicmed comprehensive advantages of ultrasonic surgical technique with modular design: unique configuration for user’s needs. For example, for the purchaser of orthopedic module, it can be upgraded to add hemostatic cutter module or aspirator module for saving health care cost, as long as the economy allows. Also multi-functional integrated platform combines the characteristics of Ultrasonic Orthopedic Surgical System, Ultrasonic Hemostatic Cutter, Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator and Ultrasonic Debridement System. Its performance benefits are widely used in various operations, so it is a professional, efficient and multi-purpose device.

Ultrasonic Bone Cutter

Ultrasonic handpiece can convert electrical energy into mechanical vibrational energy and drive ultrasonic tips to vibrate longitudinally at 40 kHz, and the energy transfer recognizes the type of tissue and responds accordingly through modulating the amount of energy driven into the tissue. When the ultrasonic tip is in contact with the target tissue, it directs a focused amount of energy into it causing the desired effect (such as cutting, sawing, grinding and drilling).

Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

Ultrasonic Bone Cutter

Ultrasonic Drill


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