The Sonicmed Ultrasonic Surgical System is utilized in a wide range of surgical procedures for bone cutting and grinding across various medical specialties. Its applications include:
⦁ Spine surgery, including minimally invasive procedures such as foraminoscopy, UBE, and endoscopic surgeries.
⦁ Bone tumor removal.
⦁ Joint surgery, such as hallux valgus correction.
⦁ Hand and foot surgeries.
⦁ Neurosurgery.
⦁ ENT surgery, including condylar resection and jaw tumor removal.
⦁ Laparoscopic surgeries in general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, gynecology, and urology.

Sonicmed’s ultrasonic surgical products provide numerous advantages, including excellent hemostasis, small incisions, clear visibility, and versatile tip options. Their minimally invasive bone cutter system is ideal for procedures such as spinal decompression, laminectomy, and discectomy.

Clinical cases demonstrate that Sonicmed’s products facilitate safe and efficient surgeries with reduced trauma and bleeding, leading to faster patient recovery. These innovations help broaden the scope of minimally invasive procedures.

Sonicmed’s ultrasonic surgical minimally invasive system includes an ultrasonic bone cutter, hemostatic shears and aspirator. The minimally invasive tips and handpieces can perform operations through small channels. This reduces soft tissue damage, bleeding and operation time while enabling quick patient recovery.

Sonicmed Ultrasonic Bone Cutter Minimally Invasive

Minimally invasive handpieces
Minimally invasive cutter tips

Clincal Case Example:

Director Liu Zhongjun, Peking University Third Hospital
Surgery name: Lumbar posterior decompression and implantation under intervertebral foramenoscopy.
Bone fusion Surgery effect: Using microscopic ultrasonic bone knife, the surgery is less traumatic, less bleeding, fast recovery in the enlargement of the spinal canal, and nerve root release surgery is safe and efficient.
Expert’s evaluation: The operation field is clear, the speed is very fast, and it saves a lot of time.

Sonicmed Ultrasonic Hemostatic Shears

Main Unit
Shear Tips
Foot pedal

The ultrasonic hemostatic shear is suitable for both open and minimally invasive surgeries. Compared to traditional electrosurgical instruments, it offers significant advantages and can be widely applied in general surgery, neurosurgery, hepatobiliary surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, and ophthalmology.
⦁ Precise Control: The shears provide more precise control during surgical procedures, allowing for accurate cutting and clotting.

⦁ Balanced Coagulation Performance: They offer balanced coagulation performance, ensuring effective hemostasis while minimizing bleeding.

⦁ Versatility in Surgical Procedures: These shears can be widely used in various surgical fields such as general surgery, neurosurgery, hepatobiliary surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, and ophthalmology.

⦁ Minimally Invasive: Particularly in minimally invasive surgery, the Ultrasonic Hemostatic Shears are essential, with 90% of minimally invasive surgeries in China requiring ultrasonic cutter products.

⦁ Reduced Trauma: They result in smaller eschar area and quicker recovery for patients due to minimal tissue damage.

⦁ Enhanced Surgical View: The shears provide a good surgical view, aiding surgeons in performing procedures with precision.

⦁ Safety Features: As no current passes through the human body and there is no conductive tissue damage, they offer a safer alternative to traditional electrosurgical instruments.

These benefits make the Ultrasonic Hemostatic Shears a valuable tool in the field of surgery, offering improved outcomes and efficiency in various surgical procedures.

Comparison of Ultrasonic Hemostatic Shears and Electric Cutter Cutting

Ultrasonic Hemostatic Shears

Electronic cutter

Clincal Case Example: Tsinghua First Affiliated Hospital
Director Yang Guoshan, Department of General Surgery
Gastric Cancer Radical Surgery
During the operation, we compared the cutting speed between the Sonicmed ultrasonic hemostatic shear and other company’s ultrasonic cutter, and Director Yang Guoshan commented that Sonicmed shears are really fast and comparable to foreign products.

Sonicmed Ultrasonic Aspirator Minimally Invasive System

Main Unit

Ultrasonic aspirator is a kind of surgical tool, which turns electrical energy into mechanical energy, and mechanical energy into 40,000 times per second high-frequency ultrasonic longitudinal vibration, which will crush and emulsify lesion tissue to remove diseased tissue through negative pressure.

The Ultrasonic Aspirator by Sonicmed offers several benefits:

⦁ High Efficiency: The ultrasonic aspirator features automatic adjustment of output power from 0 to 100W, ensuring efficient performance during surgical procedures.

⦁ Precise Excision: With various styles of cutter heads available, surgeons can operate with confidence even in narrow spaces, allowing for precise excision of tissues.

⦁ Versatility in Cutter Head Options: The aspirator offers a variety of cutter head bore diameters and lengths, with more than 10 registered cutter head options, making it adaptable to different clinical needs.

⦁ Cost-Effective Usage: There is no limit on the number of times the handle can be used, which can help reduce the overall cost of clinical usage.

⦁ Upgradeable Modules: The aspirator can be upgraded with additional modules such as an ultrasonic bone knife or grinding drill, enhancing its functionality as per specific surgical requirements.

⦁ Wide Range of Applications: It can be applied across various departments including surgical, hepatobiliary and pancreatic, bone tumor, and gynecology, making it a versatile tool in different medical fields.

⦁ Academic Exchange Platform: The product serves as an academic exchange platform, facilitating interactions with other hospital departments and promoting knowledge sharing.

These benefits collectively make the Ultrasonic Aspirator a valuable tool in surgical settings, offering precision, efficiency, and adaptability across a range of clinical applications.

Clincal Case Example:

983 Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army
Surgical name: Tumor resection in the cerebellar region of the right pontine area
Surgical procedure: about 30*20 skull is removed with a standard cutter, and the tumor lesion is removed with an aspirator after the tumor site is exposed.
Expert evaluation: Director Li Chunbo believes that the cutting speed of the Sonicmed bone cutter is fast, the bone consumption is less, and the bleeding during the operation is less.


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