The PASS™ range by MEDICREA is a highly versatile, low-profile Polyaxial Spine System. Its unique concept allows connection to the rod from a distance, which minimizes stress and provides a strong platform for correction and fusion in all designated indications.


The PASS LP™ thoraco-lumbar fixation system allows to connect the rod at distance from the spine and to perform a 3D correction through progressive stress distribution on all anchorages thanks to the ST2R technique (Simultaneous Translation on 2 Rods).

TULIP Genesis™ ​

Medicrea’s top-loading TULIP Genesis™ thoracolumbar fixation system aims to correct and stabilize the spinal segment using pedicle screws.

TULIP Prime™

Convert from a polyaxial to a fixed orientation screw in one repeatable and reversible step.

LigaPASS 2.0™

The LIGAPASS™ 2.0 Family provides a range of band connectors for posterior thoracolumbar fixation specifically adapted to meet unique clinical demands.


The MEDICREA degenerative system with its pre-bent eyelet rods ensures sagittal alignment and thus reduces operating time in degenerative cases.


The PASS XS ™ system is a polyaxial system based on the principle of PASS LP and adapted to pediatric​


The PASS OCT™ is a posterior osteosynthesis system for the cervical spine based on the principles of the PASS LP™ system.


Our OSMOSYS ™ products are 100% synthetic bone substitute

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