Orthopedic Technology

This division is fully operating in Hospital environment. We provide full service for our European principal. We are the exclusive distributor of Medicrea in Malaysia. For 20 years, we provide Medicrea and complementary solutions for Orthopedic and Spine procedures. Our team cover entire Malaysia, supporting surgeons in Operating Theater (OT) surgery. We attend to both scheduled and emergency cases. It is our privilege to assist surgeons, to improve the lives of people in Malaysia. Medicrea’s latest UNiD product is customized spinal rods, based on 3D imaging technology. These are specific to each patient. Resulting in highly accurate specifications, better surgical outcome, and shorter OT times.


We provide specialized Patient Monitoring services for IONM using Inomed-Trained operator.We aim to help improve surgical outcome by assisting surgeons.

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM) is a rapidly-growing field that involves the monitoring of the central and peripheral nervous systems of patients undergoing surgical procedures such as orthopaedic spinal surgery, neurosurgery, ENT & vascular surgery.

IONM helps improve patient outcome by carefully assessing the functional status of nervous tissue, including spinal column tracts, eloquent brain regions, and peripheral nerve. This neurophysiologic information helps the surgeon perform a safer and sometimes more thorough procedure. We are Malaysia’s exclusive distributor for INOMED of Germany. Inomed specializes in IONM, Functional Neurosurgery, Pain treatment and Neurological Diagnostics.


Ultrasonic osteotome as an innovative technology, as it has many features and advantages that traditional manual and electric orthopaedic surgical instruments cannot match. A large number of clinical experiments have shown that the Sonicmed Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel is highly safe in operation, accurate in cutting, and will not easily damage the surrounding tissues, allowing the surgeon to safely apply to some precision orthopaedic surgery.
Ultrasonic bone scalpel is a surgical tool that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through a piezoelectric conversion device to make the titanium alloy cutter head in a high-frequency resonance mode, using the powerful mechanical acceleration of the cutter head to crush and cut the target bone tissue.


We are the exclusive distributor for ELCON Surgical instruments in Malaysia. ELCON is from Tuttlingen, Germany, the well known region for best-in-class medical engineering. Among the about 400 local firms involved in the industry, Elcon Medical Instruments has long since made a name. In Malaysia, we are able to provide ELCON products at Great Quality and Good Value. As an established, forward-looking company in the cluster region of Tuttlingen, ELCON combine the expertise and the know-how acquired in more than 150 years of development and tradition. No wonder that the “city of healing knives” is known as a global centre in the industry of medical technology. ELCON product range includes numerous of surgical instrument such as general surgery instruments, orthopaedic instruments, neurosurgery instruments, ENT,  integrated endoscopy with the areas of arthroscopy, laparoscopy, urology and gynaecology in the portfolio.. Please contact us for the +20,000 SKUs from ELCON. ************************************************************************

RTI biologic products are from an American Tissue bank which is a member of AATB. We supply mainly bone chips, and DBM to fill up bone voids for various types of Orthopedic cases. RTI offers surgeons biologic options for soft tissue, wound and bone graft needs used in surgical procedures such as chronic wounds and filling of bone void defects. Shaped and sized to strict specifications in controlled clean rooms, implants are processed to ensure safety and efficacy. Orthobiologics include biologic and synthetic-based moldable and flowable bone void fillers, chips and cubes and cellular allogeneic bone grafts. These safe, high-quality implants can be used to fill bone voids or for repairing fractures and skeletal defects. RTI offers surgeons biologic options for soft tissue, wound and bone graft needs used in surgical procedures such as ligament reconstruction, meniscus transplantation and osteochondral resurfacing. Shaped and sized to strict specifications in controlled clean rooms, implants are processed to ensure safety and efficacy, simplifying sports medicine procedures. RTI offers a complete line of biologic implants. These implants are used in surgeries such as hernia or other complex abdominal wall repair cases and post mastectomy breast reconstruction.