Fourth Generation V.A.C.® Therapy System for Hospital Use Only

Designed for use with trusted V.A.C.® Therapy accessories and compatible with all V.A.C.® Therapy Dressings and INFOV.A.C.™ Canisters, the V.A.C.ULTA™ Therapy System also features:

  • Enhanced Graphic User Interface
  • SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Technology for pressure monitoring and adjustment at the wound site
  • SEAL CHECK™ Feature to help identify leaks
  • DYNAMIC PRESSURE CONTROL™ Therapy, the evolution of intermittent therapy

Intuitive touch screen menu with fewer screens to initiate therapy
Simple therapeutic programming

Customized Pressure

Algorithms Continuous negative pressure (from -25 to -200mmHg)
Dynamic Pressure Control is the evolution of intermittent therapy that maintains minimum negative pressure levels between cycles, helping to prevent leaks and fluid accumulation that can occur when there is no negative pressure at the wound site.

Proven V.A.C.® Therapy System

Compatible for use with existing V.A.C.® Therapy System accessories:

SensaT.R.A.C.™ Technology provides continuous feedback for enhanced negative pressure accuracy.

V.A.C.® GranuFoam™ Dressings help promote granulation tissue formation and facilitate exudate removal.

V.A.C.® Canisters collect exudate. Seal Check™ Leak Detector offers instant feedback to help identify leaks

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